Solving the Problem

15 Million Children Who’ve Been Horribly Burned Could Be Saved By A Miracle Surgery That Costs $300

It is one of the biggest medical problems in the developing world.

Bigger than tuberculosis and HIV combined. Bigger than breast cancer. In the developing world, where billions still heat, light and cook with open fires, someone is horribly burned every five seconds.

Many burn victims are so deformed and disfigured, they face a lifetime of pain and suffering. A burn injury not only disfigures, it can destroy movement and function. It can prevent a child from walking. It can turn a hand into a closed fist. It can fuse legs, arms, fingers together forever. The consequences are devastating. Severely burned children don’t attend school, get a job or marry. Often they’re kept hidden away in shame at home,
a burden to their families. A child who has been severely burned in a developing country has no hope, no future, no chance.

Most children with severe burns suffer their entire lives because they can’t afford surgery.

BurnRescue was created to help the millions of children in developing countries who have been severely burned.

There Is a Miracle Surgery For Burns And It’s Called A “Release”

It’s when a plastic surgeon uses his scalpel to “release,” or separate, skin that has been fused together by a severe burn injury that has caused a contracture. A contracture is when a burn injury is left to heal by 
itself and it 
“contracts” which 
squeezes together 
and tightens the
 skin and/or 
separate parts of
 the body such as 
fingers, arms, 
legs, etc.

A “release” can
 lift a chin that has been fused to a chest. It can separate fingers that have been fused together. Free a foot that has been fused to a shin preventing a child from walking. Once the two areas are separated, the surgeon uses skin flaps and skin grafts to repair exposed areas. The improvement in function and movement is a life-saver for these children.

Imagine how much it means to a child to be able to walk again. To regain the use of fingers and arms. To have your chin freed from being glued to your chest. This surgery is a godsend to the children who need it. In just a few hours, and for just a few hundred dollars, it can save them from a lifetime of pain and suffering.